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Washer Coin Slider Repair


Country Clean Laundromats are the premier coin operated public laundry facilities in Kerrville, Texas. With convenient and recently renovated locations, Country Clean Laundromats provide Wash-Dry-Fold Services, laundry supplies vended at each location and select locations with multiple heavy duty 80-pound capacity washing machines and new Speed Queen© reversing wrinkle resistant dryers.


A complete list of what each location provides can be found on our Locations page.

      324 Water Street
      1475 Junction Hwy.

At 2 select locations, Country Clean Laundromats offer Wash-Dry-Fold Services. "WDF" or Wash-Dry-Fold Services are priced by the pound starting at $1.75/pound with a 10-pound minimum. Laundry is placed on hangers, if requested, or sorted, folded and plastic wrapped for sanitary purposes. Your order is ready for pick-up 48 hours after drop-off. Ask about our “BOLD AND BRIGHT” Service to bring back that like-new look.



All of our newly renovated locations now have multiple 80-pound capacity washing machines and 75 pound capacity dryers available for your use.  This giant capacity equipment is your cleaning source for all things big and bulky that need washing and drying!  Bring your sleeping bags, comforters, bedspreads, throw rugs and all size bathmats for a complete and through cleaning. Each of our locations also has vended laundry supplies available for purchase to help you get the job done quickly.



The Country Clean Laundromat locations are under new ownership/management. Your positive experience at any of our 4 facilities is a priority for us.  Each location is set at a cool temperature for utmost comfort while doing your laundry! Each location also has 24-hour security camera surveillance and well-lit parking lots for evening time laundry runs! 

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